Hey people its been fuckin forever since i updated this site or even looked at the damn thing and within the months and months this site has sat here i got myself terminated from aol and i guess i must be pissed or maybe i just finally see the light cause i now realize aol sucks ass and i would first like to say do to legal stuff aol may possibley try to pull on me this site as an entirety is my opinion my views and america sucks and the whole goddamn world is tryin to censor people cause they don't want your ass to think anymore so i am just goin to say fuck this i got the right to speak my mind and as always i am goin to speak my goddamn mind cause thats why you people like this fuckin site in the first place cause i speak my fuckin mind and as far as Gore Lord goes i don't know if he gives a shit about this site anymore but i'm goin to be workin my ass off on this thing and maybe possibley have it finished before i die oh one more thing hey aol employee people if you wanna say somthin to me or you wanna argue with my views the fear@prontomail.com adress still works but hell you want to say somthin to me personally? then write my ass and speak your peace to " censredjuno.com"

See ya



Well ok since every website i ever made had way way way too many gifs on it i am goin to keep that goin and this little spot is where nothing matters just a bunch of gifs to make this page load slower sorry that pisses ya off but hey man its tradition and all ya understand

See ya


Don't get cancer from your computers radioactive waves get off your fatass and go somewhere please please don't end up like me all i ever do is sit on my ass infront of this comp i'm like a fuckin zombie!

In this weak attempt to unbrainwash you people look here -- and chant " i am strong enough to leave aol behind me"

i'm sorry to inform you of this but if you love aol or are from aol you must leave no because Dying Freedom has a strongrule

- Chapel -

for all eternity

next time your account gets termed blame it on this guy

Someday these kids will become prostitutes or worse because of the unfortunate termination of thier aol accounts

this damn page is about freedom and aol's guides and catwatch team wanna take away your free speach they wanna take away your goddamn freedom so why do you pay them money to take your freedom?

Hey steve can you say one more year till

AOL likes to make legal threats so make em back

go get laid man don't wait to get on run out and get off

if your kids don't obey the rules they will have to go do a favor for steve case

Why pay to have a gag over your mouth? call and

All of us should

- Chapel -

the next great online service to replace aol is AOF go check out thier page man they are the future!