The   real   meaning   of   clintons   speach.


Good morning.

I'm about to leave for Vice President Gore's family reunion conference in Nashville, something that he and Mrs. Gore have done now for many years, to discuss the central concerns of America's families. And since we have been here in the White House(lots of money and americans that don't give a fuck got me here you dumb sons of bitches), we've often used the conference as a springboard for new initiatives to strengthen our families(even though i cheat on my wife with every stupid whore that will spread her legs) and move our country forward(well forward in the sense that i can drop bombs and fuck with all your american rites). (well to be honest i fuckin hate gore and his wife loves my cigars ha ha ha i don't wanna go but it gives me a chance to hit on gore's other family members both male and female.

Today, we're going to be talking about health concerns of American families(well again i don't give a fuck screw your families forget it i don't think you people are smart enough to control your own lives so let me weed smokin cheatin retarded ass run emf or you fuck your freedom). Of course, one of the biggest health concerns is youth smoking -- something we've been discussing a lot around here lately.(yeah i smoke cigars and i smoke cigs but hey i'm the president i can do what i want my job is to make sure you have no rites but since i'm a fuck up and i gotta look like i'm actually doin somthin with this country i'm goin to attack sombody to make me look like i actually give a shit about you people)

We all now know that 3,000 young people smoke(wich i don't give a fuck why would i care about your kids those little bastards) -- start smoking every day, and that 1,000 will die earlier because of it even though it's illegal in every state to sell cigarettes to young people. (yeah and we all know you people are to stupid to make good deicisions so why would your kids be i mean hell i would prefer they got drunk and fucked all night so they all got aids and shit but instead i'll just mess with smokers)

That is why three years ago, through the Food and Drug Administration, my administration began to act to end the practice of tobacco companies marketing cigarettes to children and, why for the past year, we've been working so hard to forge an honorable a bipartisan compromise to protect our children from the dangerous of tobacco. (der i'm president so i can be a worthless jerk off all day long la la la la la la la la la la i am like the president la la la la la la la i own you people)

A majority of the Senate now stands ready to join us(the senate is now prepared to stand behind me they fuckin better i payed them enough too). But last week, the Republican leadership placed partisan politics and tobacco companies above our families(they obviously like myself don't give a fuck about our kids or anything but hell they got the balls to admit it i guess that makes em a little better then me). Their vote was not just pro-tobacco lobby. It was anti-family.(yeah and my vote is anti-freedom so bow down motherfuckers i got lots of cigars i need something to stick em in)

The bipartisan(huh huh thats a big word) bill they blocked would not only protect families from tobacco advertising aimed at children.(truthfully though theonly fmaily i give a fuck about is my cousins cause you all know us dumb fuckin rednecks love to get that incestiual passion) It would protect children from drugs, give low and middle income families a tax cut by redressing the marriage penalty and make substantial new investments in medical research, especially in cancer research. (goddamn i am one dumb mother fucker)

The congressional leadership seems willing to walk away from its obligation to our children(my only obligation to our children is that they might one day actually obey like thier dumbass parents did), but this issue is too important to walk away. We'll continue to move forward on every possible front to protect children.(i'm full of shit is it really that obvious?)

By the end of the year, the FDA's operation to enforce its ban on tobacco sales to minors will be active in nearly every state in America.(again cause i think kids are dumbfucks) And while we wait for Congress to heed the call of America's families, I'm instructing the Department of Health and Human Services to produce the first ever annual survey on the brands of cigarettes teenagers smoke and which companies are most responsible for the problem. (yeah cause if your 16 your old enough to drive but your to stupid to know a cartoon is advertising somthin that may give you cancer)

Parents, quite simply, have a right to know. Public health officials can also use this information to reduce youth smoking. (yeah cause i took all your freedom and now i hav deicided i'll tkae away your freedom to die the way you choose)

The tobacco companies' automatic and angry dismissal of this new survey shows their continued disregard for their children's health and parents' concerns.

We have a right to know. For years and years and years, they had information that proved tobacco was addictive and that demonstrated they were marketing to children(ya know my wife writes this stuff does anyone understand what i'm sayin cause i sure don't i'm just readin the cards that young person over there is holding up). And they didn't think we had a right to know that either. (yeah like you don't have the right to know i'm smokin weed everynight before i fuck the maid)

I believe this is very helpful information, and we'll do our best to get good, accurate, honest data. (good,honest data,accurate,and you dumb people trust me even though i fuckin lie all the time and i'm a hypocritical whore?)

Once this information becomes public, companies will then no longer be able to evade accountability, and neither will Congress. (sorry i know this is supose to be all clinton talkin but this guy is such a fuckin dipshit sorry i couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer see ya - chapel -)

From now on, the new data will help to hold tobacco companies accountable for targeting children. (yeah didn't you see that 6 year old that is too stupid to know cartoons are fake with a marlboro red stickin out of his mouth?)

Again, I urge Congress to pass bipartisan, comprehensive legislation, rather than a watered-down bill written by the tobacco lobby. (huh huh monica wrote that for me)

The leadership must put families' interests above big tobacco's interests(like most of you americans i'm actually too lazy to give a fuck about these kids or thier stupid ass families). America's children deserve that, and I'll continue to do everything I can to ensure that they get it. (yeah bullshit as long as you beilive i am trying i'm not gonna do shit but cause problems and try to make more money for my own greedy reasons)

Thank you. (and fuck you america)

not all of what is writtin above came directly from clintons dirty smelly mouth but i fuckin guaruntee you he thinks that shit everytime he makes one of them "i give a fuck about you young persons" speach

see ya


what a bunch of big time bullshit man fuck this if i wanna die of cancer then i fuckin will and you can't do shit about it you fat gray haired son of a bitch what the fuck gives you the irght to fuckin tell me i can't smoke and what gives you the right to raise the costs of my cigs i mean fuck your a bastard ya know that you smoke i've seen you smoke i mean fuck you shove cigars of some fat bitches cunt now thats fuckin strange and yet you wanna tell me you can't smoke cause i care about your family mother fucker obviously you don't give a flyin fuck about your own family and yet you expect me to think you give a shit about mine? how fuckin stupid do you think us "young persons" are you dumb dick man your full of shit. i got your young advertisement you dick here all kids should smoke i'll put this shit on a fuckin billboared infront of every fuckin middleshcool and highshcool in america your such an asshole tellin me i can't smoke you say at 16 we can drive cars at 16 we can have sex with people over 18 (in somke states) and yet at 16 we can't fuckin smoke? what are we stupid little drones for your torment what the fuck man you are somthin else everyone smokes kids smoke chicks smoke

evidence: a

and yet you wanna put the blame on actors and cartoons? you fuckin insalt our intelligence were a little smarter then to smoke cause a picture of a cartoon camel does were not that impressionable youd ick maybe yous hould except the fact that you can't control kids and we will smoke if we fuckin want

smoke all you fuckin want people fuck the rules fuck society and fuck clinton you are free remember fuckin do what you want smoke camels,winstons,newports,cigars, fuck smoke marlboros to smoke em all

read whats goin on about the prices from KRISTEN McQUEARY's point of view

see ya


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