hey once again people this is my goddamn Anti-earth page i want you all to understand i am not a little fuckin rage junky tryin to be like rage screamin america sux i'm a fuckin hate junky screamin the entire earth fuckin blows now i am not with america either i would be happy on a stranded island just give me my cigs my chick and my tv and i'd say fuck you all but since i am stuck in a country ruled by government like many other countrys are i am goin to bitch and mone and tell shit the way it mother fuckin is now this is a colaborated page Gore Lord and ANGEL helped me throw this shit together so thanx to you both,but now for the utter fuckin anarchy against the fuckin world i would first like to start off by saying my fuck yous to certain countrys:








ok now this shit that is goin on with america is bullshit this entire fuckin planet is runnin dry its all retarded we kill each other over what? MONEY thats what america has become so goddamn greedy they can't survive without bein multy millionares its all goddamn bullshit they can suck on a dirty dick the greedy bastards are destroying the world and we sit back and let them do it we don't give a fuck and that will be our downfall you fuckin people need to look at this fuckin world and if you want me and Gore have a news letter type shit goin around if you want it just (e-mail pic from disturbing links) and we'll send you the goddamn thing but anyway i am kinda pissy when it comes to our government i would like to talk to you about these fuckin kids that hate america and only america.......i know what the fuck your thinkin you don't want rules well i'm not against rules and most anarchist aren't against rules their against the coruption and if your some 13 year old rage lovein dyke that thinks hes an anarchist then your wrong sorry dude but your fuckin wrong ok now about censorship well those who know me know i swear more than the fuckin pope well i don't know he may not swear i just swear a hell of a lot and i can if i want i have the freedom of speech i have the rite to say what i want and no one can tell me diffrent well where is my rite of free speech going? ah,i'm fuckin done talkin i'm out of here goddamnit but one other thing before i go......

see ya people



now some words from Gore Lord......

The system justice or equal justice there is no justice,this greedy government wants to fatten its pocket by lying to the people and pulling the wool over our eyes,testing chemical warfare on our own kind,people die for this country what for? so they can lie to you more? people sit back and listen to thier lies and accept them. all of your eyes are covered,you can't see. what they're doin to you killing babys for profit. well i'm here to tell you this fucking government lies,the president and his bullshit hell if i wanted a role model i'd go to a bar and look at the guy on a stool or a drunk on the floor,the system is racist. we all have our racisism so i don't want to here any assholes saying hes not. this old world is nothing but a big fat ball of greed, corporate shit industrialism lies all you people need to open your eyes to see that the government doesn't give a fuck. the deception and lies so much war and so many deaths people hungry on the street and rich mother fuckers who get to eat all they want,baby killers in vietnam,a fuckin war we didn't belong in but our president stuck his nose where it didnt belong. the system,do you believe in it? is a prison a free country? equal rights,a poor mother fucker on the streets has as many rights as a rich mother fucker? yeah right. freedom,is it worth your fucking life.

Later mother fuckers

Gore Lord

When did freedom become fiction?


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